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Hemant Vakharia

Hemant Vakharia is a director of Vakharia Medical Limited and has a passion for medical web design. His interest in web design began at medical school and since graduating in 2005 from University College London he has worked on a number of projects. He completed his speciality training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and he has a special interest in laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery having completed the national ATSM in minimal access surgery. He is always looking to incorporate web design into his work and believes that modern medicine should have information technology at its core.

We are always looking to develop new ideas and projects. Many people have ideas but fail to realise them and we are here to help make those ideas a reality. Whether it is an exciting new service/product or simply advertising your current services we can help. It doesn’t have to stop there, we can also help develop new products, design advertising materials or even give your business and entire overhaul with a new logo, website and branding.

What makes us unique is that our company is made up of both medical and IT professionals. This allows us to streamline all processes and give you exactly what you want as we have both the medical knowledge to understand what you need and the expertise to make it a reality. All our team are committed to giving you a product you can be proud of and pride ourselves on honesty and transparency.

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